The Pollinate Platform evolved from decades of collective training and workshop experiences at EXLI. Just like you, we are all passionate about contributing our experience and knowledge to those who believe it will help them improve their lives. So often, however, the initial excitement and commitment that is experienced during a leadership workshop is soon replaced by frustration, isolation and disengagement. It's simply too challenging for most people to maintain the momentum of their practice without continued coaching, community and guidance. Our goal is to offer a viable technology solution as an addition to your existing training program to help you increase the engagement, learning, integration and retention of the skills you teach.  

Why "Pollinate"?

Pollination is a foundational process of life - it's how life propagates at the epicenter of the food chain. Without it we couldn't exist. We view the dissemination of human wisdom through a similar lens. As a species we already have the knowledge and wisdom to radically transform how we live together, we just need to find more effective ways of supporting more people who wish to learn and cultivate different skills; to make the dissemination of wisdom more effective. To that end, we view one of our roles as supporting you in your efforts to "pollinate" the world with your insight, teachings and wisdom.

About Us

We are professionals from a variety of fields who share a passion for helping others thrive.  We are entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, educators and mediators. Meet the EXLI Team at