Create your own self-guided, mobile practice apps
to cultivate new habits and build skills.

Are there new skills you want to learn and practice? Would you like to cultivate new habits and
practice healthy behaviors? In order to improve any skill we need deliberate and consistent practice. From New Year's resolutions to professional skills and personal habits, Pollinate enables you to easily create personalized practice programs, giving you the structure, consistency and support you need to be successful - on any mobile device.

Set Up Your Personalized Practice



Our app builder is so easy to use that you have the freedom to instantly create as many personal practice apps as you want. Pick any skill or habit you wish to improve and set up your own practice program with videos, journaling prompts, check-ins, inspirational reminders, etc.


Practice Anywhere, Anytime

Since your app is accessible via phone, tablet or laptop, you can practice whenever you want. When your reminders chime simply access your practice on whichever device
is most convenient.

Track Your Progress


Habits are formed through frequent repetition of the behavior or skill you're trying to cultivate. Pollinate tracks your practice and provides you with information designed to give you more insight into your level of engagement, consistency and progress. 

Get Expert Support For Your Practice


In addition to structure, Pollinate also offers accountability through community features. You can also share your personalized practice app with your friends, coach, or therapist to get them engaged in your skill-building adventure.


Ideal solution for: 

Personal Growth  |  Habit Formation  |  Emotional Intelligence  |  Meditation  |  Yoga  |  Therapy