28 Days to Emotional Balance

28 Days to Emotional Balance

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New!  Mobile-friendly practice program guided by Michael Taft

28 Days to Emotional Balance

Michael Taft

Michael Taft

Learn how to ‘surf’ the ups and downs of your emotional life with greater ease and grace.

  • The #1 way to deal with overwhelming or uncomfortable emotions (Hint: It’s not ignoring them)
  • Three powerful mindfulness meditation techniques for working with emotions
  • Methods for reducing anxiety and relieving depressionProven techniques for understanding what other people are feeling—the key to better personal and professional relationships
  • Specific guidance in contacting your intuition to make better decisions
  • The methods to achieve better emotional resilience—meaning you can “bounce back” after adversity more quickly
  • A proven path to re-engineering your relationship to your emotions and your life
  • What you could achieve if your difficult emotions weren’t holding you back.

Sample content from the program...

guided audio meditations:


When Self Falls Away

When Self Falls Away

Richard Miller, Ph.D.

Richard Miller, Ph.D.

When Self Falls Away

is now available in an interactive, mobile-friendly format!

In this mobile-friendly program, you will explore what occurs as we’re taken into the realm that lies beyond the mind and our belief in being a separate self. Richard Miller presents talks on the various stages of awakening, including how neuroscience is informing us, as we awaken to our essential nondual nature. He also examines the various ways our sense of self gives rise to separation even while awakening and enlightenment are unfolding. This in-depth course includes guided meditations to help you experientially understand the stages of awakening and the awakened disposition of your essential nondual nature.

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or any of the individual parts.

What you will get from this program...

Sample video from the program

Sample video from the program.

  • Over 3 hours of content including instructional videos, guided meditations, journaling exercises and more
  • Learn Foundational iRest® Meditation practices to proactively welcome your sensations, emotions and thoughts so that your attention can be free for the deeper inquiries of self-realization.
  • Learn how neuroscience is informing our understanding of meditation.
  • Recognize the ego-I (self) as a process, not an identity.
  • Self-inquiry for releasing your identification as a separate self.
  • Being as a portal for realizing your non-separate interconnectedness with all of life.
  • Recognize the difference between being, awareness, and what lies beyond.
  • Identify the distinction between self and non-self.
  • Recognize subtle aspects of self that obstruct awakening.
  • Learn core practices that support awakening and enlightenment.
  • Explore how awakening unfolds naturally into enlightenment.
  • Understand the nature of enlightenment as the embodiment of awakening into daily life.
  • Realize true motivation that gives rise to 24-7-365 engagement with awakening.

Make Peace with your Mind: 30-Day Challenge

Make Peace with your Mind: 30-Day Challenge

Transform your inner critic with this brand-new mindfulness toolkit by Mark Coleman

Based on Mark's new book...

The voice of the Inner Critic is pervasive. It is perhaps the number one source of unhappiness and suffering in the modern world. The good news is you can do something about this tyrant who threatens to torment you on every step of your life journey. With the concrete and proven tools presented in this book, you can develop the awareness and compassion necessary to take control of your inner judge and create a more peaceful, joyful existence.

At its worst, the Inner Critic urges us to buy into a twisted version of reality, one in which we are never good enough, we aren’t worthy, and we can never atone for our mistakes or forgive those of others. It won’t let you forget that you messed up—whether you made a wrong turn, bet on a losing stock, or chose the crazy person to date. Unable to forgive ourselves, we also find ourselves lacking the ability to truly forgive others.

Sometimes the Critic takes on a friendlier tone, yet this can prove just as insidious. The tyrant disguises itself as a helpful coach who says things like you really should try harder and you can do better. But these messages undermine our wellbeing and self-esteem. The Critic also drives the habit of comparing, reminding us there is always someone smarter, younger, thinner, kinder, wealthier, more talented and more successful out there.

What gives the Inner Critic its power is the way it tunes into our inner world, attacking who we are at our essence. Driven by its intimate knowledge of our weaknesses and insecurities, we end up in a bitter, panicked, and endless quest to get more and be more—of anything and everything: grander houses, higher salaries, more cars, bigger 401Ks, and more and more stuff. The Critic tells us to lose weight, get fit, be prettier, have a better relationship, raise more perfect children, and make more of an impact on the world. Beaten down into depression or struggling to find relief from the constant turmoil of anxiety and insomnia this voice creates, we end up suffering from eating disorders, workaholism, anger management problems, addiction, and engaging in many other forms of self-harm.

Thankfully, you don’t have to let this tyrant rule your inner world. You can make a conscious choice to live differently.
— Mark Coleman

With the simple gifts of mindfulness and compassion, and by practicing the behaviors presented in this mobile-friendly practice program, you can discover a whole new way of being in the world. You can let go of harsh judgments of self and others. You can open your eyes to the truth that you are already more than enough. You can come to rest in a peaceful place of love, understanding and forgiveness. 

Integrative Inquiry

Integrative Inquiry

INIQ is now available in 3 versions:

The Integrative Inquiry Curriculum uses research-proven mindfulness based stress reduction practices, self-compassion practices, and inquiry coaching in order to train attention and emotion regulations skills as well as enhance cognitive regulation skills, which are expected to increase persistence and degree completion via improved critical thinking dispositions, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased self-compassion and resilience. Such outcomes are therefore expected to increase inner peace and self-compassion as well as outward expressions of compassion and creativity within ambiguity which result in the creation of peaceful communities.

Intention training
The purpose is not to only see what we want to see, but to see what is really there through the lens of our intention.  And in seeing what is there, guided by our intention, we can see all of the choices that are possible.  This allows us the opportunity to connect to our purpose even in the midst of uncertainty.

Who Am I? What Do I Want? What Is My Life’s Purpose? What Am I grateful for?

Attention Training
Whatare you paying attention to right now?   We can’t actually know what we are paying attention to without an awarenessof what we are paying attention to. 

How judgmental of yourself are you when your attention wonders away from what you intended, and how kindly do you direct your attention back to where you want it placed?

Empowering Choice
Knowing that you can become aware of where your attention resides while you are doing anything anywhere is empowering. We invite you to begin training your attention while you are engaged in other day-to-day experiences.  Yes, you can train your attention anytime anywhere and as such, you can begin to notice the quality of your attention and make choices with regard to that. 

What is the quality of your attention as it shifts from your surroundings in the room and sensations in the body back to breath?

Emotion Training
Attention training is leading us to become aware of our emotions.  Emotions may first be noticed as bodily sensations.  What we train here is your attention to emotions that arise in your body before the public display of behavior associated with those emotions is ever seen.  If you become aware of your emotions, then you get to choose whether and how to express your emotions. 

How aware of your emotions are you before they are expressed in a way that is visible to others?

Inquiry Training
Thoughts, just like emotions arise.  We can’t stop them from coming.  However, through attention training, we can become aware they have arrived and eventually become aware they are arriving, as such we can learn to work collaboratively with them and choose to focus on that which aligns with our intention.

Setting Your Intentions (sample video from the mobile-friendly INIQ 16-week program)

The creative and unconventional ways of the Integrative Inquiry course taught me that leadership is not so much about how I manage others but rather how I manage myself. It is about understanding who I am, how I am feeling and how these feelings impact my emotions, thoughts and behaviors. It is about being in a constant state of inquiry and taking time to honor the pause. It is about not judging myself and trying to maintain a certain standard but rather practicing self-compassion, which in turn allows me to practice compassion with others.
— Dilcie, Program Participant
Journaling while learning how to not judge and simply breath – allowed me to learn how to create a space between the reality of a situation and my response to it which has enhanced my ability to process my thoughts. I developed a stronger sense of self and what I love, value, who I value, and why I value my life. Journaling provided an opportunity to have a deeper relationship with myself so that I can better serve others. Journaling also invited time and space to consider new ways of looking at my life that helped me process and then release expectations.
— Shannon, Program Participant

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New Mindful Life

New Mindful Life

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Introduction of Dr. Calvert from the 6-Week program.

This six-week mobile-friendly program is designed to introduce mindfulness practices in a simple and clear progression to integrate mindfulness into your life.

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating purposeful present moment awareness without judgment to the experiences that are arising inwardly as well as outwardly. As we learn to cultivate mindfulness within we can begin to see the transformation of the things in our life that cause us stress. We begin to learn to relate to our difficulties if life with more openness, compassion, and acceptance.

During the program you will learn about mindfulness and the history and context of mindfulness, as well as, learn about the scientific research that supports it’s efficacy. From these teachings you will begin to understand how to apply mindfulness into the respective areas of life where we are looking to experience less stress- health, emotional and mental well-being, and relationships.

Sample Content: 3-minute guided meditation

Mindfulness Learning Concepts will include:

Sample Content: Instructions on posture in our formal practice.

  • Overview of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and Scientific Research
  • Mindfulness of the Breath and Body
  • Obstacles to Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and help with physical pain
  • Mindfulness and difficult emotions
  • Mindfulness and difficult thoughts
  • Mindful Interaction and Communication

Throughout the program you will have opportunities to learn to practice of mindfulness formally (sustained practice periods) as well as learn to informally integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Mindfulness meditation practices will include:

  • Mindfulness of Breath
  • Mindfulness of Body
  • Mindfulness of Sound
  • Mindful Eating
  • Daily Life Mindfulness
  • Mindful Walking
  • Mindful Communication/Dialouge
  • Mindful Movement

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iRest Daily: Q&A With Anne Douglas

iRest Daily: Q&A With Anne Douglas

You're invited to an online, live Q&A session with Anne Douglas!

These sessions are intended to support your practice and Anne will be available to answer any questions you may have about the iRest Daily 14 Day Program.

The two sessions are 45 minutes long and will take place on:

  • Thursday 8/4 at 4 pm Pacific (7pm EST)
  • Thursday 8/11 at 4 pm Pacific (7pm EST)

To access the sessions use the following link: https://zoom.us/j/449642607. Please note, if you have never used zoom before you will be asked to download a plug in. This only takes a few minutes, but you may want to do so before the first meeting.

In order to help us anticipate themes and questions that you would like Anne to address, please use the following form to submit your questions in advance. We're looking forward to seeing you online! 

Name *

Baptiste Yoga SF Perfectly Imperfect App Club

Baptiste Yoga SF Perfectly Imperfect App Club

Welcome to the App Club sign up!


This program is about integrating your practice on and off the mat into every aspect of your life.
— Baron Baptiste

To sign up for our new Perfectly Imperfect App Club,
please fill out the form below before this Sunday 6/12/16.

The cost of the app is $99, but for the first 20 sign ups we have a free discount code. Fill out the form below to let us know ASAP if you want to do this!  

Name *
Cell Number *
Cell Number
Commitment Agreement *
Other App Club members are counting on your participation in order to make it a true community experience.

Here's how the Perfectly Imperfect App Club works:

  1. Sign up via the form above. For the first 20 sign ups we have a free discount code so let me know ASAP if you want to do this!
  2. We all start using the practice program (on our iphones, tablets, computers, etc.) starting on Monday, June 13. It only takes about 5 minutes each day and involves a short video of Baron plus a journaling activity.
  3. Once a week, we'll all do a 30-minute online meet-up (this is optional). You'll receive a separate email with an invitation link to the webinar once you've signed up


Take your yoga teaching to a whole new level

Take your yoga teaching to a whole new level

Deepen your knowledge of
Baptiste fundamentals...

Based on his New York Times bestseller, perfectly imperfect, this new online program provides you with tools and activities to take your teaching to another level. 

  • The 3 themes of Baptiste yoga
  • The 5 Pillars of Baptiste vinyasa yoga
  • The Journey into Power sequences 

**along with new content from Baron's perfectly imperfect book**


Only 5 minutes a day and get a boost - bring quotes and tips into your classes and practice with this amazing new online program! Plus do a deep dive into your own personal journey with journaling in this great 40-session program.

What other teachers are saying...

I love having Baron in my living room so I can prep for my classes.
I love using this program from a teaching perspective! I can bring quotes into my classes and it helps me talk more clearly about topics like Ujjayi breath or Drishti.
I use it almost daily. I love the reminders! And that it’s in small, easy chunks. It never takes me more than 5 minutes or so.
What a great program! It really breaks down the Baptiste fundamentals and has opportunities to journal and reflect.

Introducing Baron Baptiste's New Perfectly Imperfect App

Introducing Baron Baptiste's New Perfectly Imperfect App

Baron's Best-seller Is Now An App!

We're excited to introduce you to the perfectly imperfect app. Based on his best-selling book, this unique 40-session mobile program is the perfect companion for anyone interested in deepening their practice both on and off the mat. 


Based On His
Best-selling Book

This program is about integrating your practice on and off the mat into every aspect of your life.
— Baron Baptiste

Access Baron's Wisdom
Anywhere, Anytime

Now you can take Baron's wisdom from perfectly imperfect with you wherever you go. No matter which device you happen to be using, when you get your reminder to practice, simple click 'go' and pick up where you left off. You can literally access your sessions on any device, anywhere, anytime.


40 Interactive, Guided Sessions

Each session contains:

  • Videos of Baron sharing insights into his approach to yoga
  • Interactive journaling exercises
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Daily motivations and intentions

Go at your own pace! Pick and choose your favorite sessions and repeat them as many times as you want! 



Interactive Program based on perfectly imperfect

Each of the sessions are designed to guide you through a process of self-discovery and integration. In each session Baron will introduce a new concept or theme and challenge you to explore how this theme is showing up in your life. You'll be asked to journal about it and set an intention for integrating this theme into your day (both on and off the mat).


Personalized Reminders

We all need a nudge or gentle reminder to stick with our practice. We've made that easy for you. Simply set reminders for any time on any day of the week and receive a push notification that it's time for you to do another practice session. It's that simple!

Track Your Progress

Want to see how your practice shifts over time? You can track your personal journey through the art and soul of yoga by reviewing your journal entries in the 'My Journey' section of the app. Best of all, share your progress with your friends by posting your status on Facebook.

Overview of the 40 Sessions


1. Begin Now

Get started on your practice with Baron Baptiste.

Three Themes of Baptiste Yoga

2. Be a Yes

Discover the 'Yes' in your life by confronting your 'No.'

3. Give Up What You Must

Let go of that which isn't serving you.

4. You Are Ready Now

This is it. All you have is right now.

Your Are Ready Now video example

Five Pillars of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

5. Drishti (Gaze)

Drishti is access to balance.

6. Ujjayi (Breath)

Breath to movement to cleanse and energize.

7. Bandhas (Foundation)

Be in the dance - moving in and expressing out.

8. Tapas (Heat)

Keep your space clear.

9. Vinyasa (Flow)

Move from the inside out.

10. The Iyengar Story

Embrace it all.

Example of daily inspirational quote from Baron. These can be easily shared with your friends via Facebook!

Example of daily inspirational quote from Baron. These can be easily shared with your friends via Facebook!

Journey Into Power

11. Journey Into Power

Discover what's possible out of the present moment.

12. Integration Sequence

Begin to integrate into your True North.

13. Awakening Sequence

Move with mindfulness.

14. Vitality Sequence

Rinse out to renew.

15. Equanimity Sequence

Meeting life as it meets you.

16. Grounding Sequence

Ground down to rise up.

17. Igniting Sequence

Reverse the usual.

18. Opening Sequence

Feel in order to heal.

19. Release Sequence

Lose yourself to find yourself.

20. Rejuvenation Sequence

Turn your world upside down.

21. Deep Rest Sequence

Be and let be.

22. The Receiving Pose

The receiving pose.

The Practice of Baptiste Yoga

23. The 3 Practices & Techniques of Baptiste Yoga

Be in wonderment and curiosity.

24. Making the Highest Call

See what's possible.

25. Mistakes as Part of the Path

It's all grist for the mill.

26.Truing Up

Recover your center.

27.Remove the Rocks

Freeing the statue.

28. There is Nothing to Fix

Come as you are, not as you should be.

29.Energy of Yes and No

No creates the boundary for yes.

30. Aliveness and Stuckness

The thing that blocks your path is the path.

31. Monkey Mind

See what you see.

32. Bare Bones Physicalness

Distinguish assessments from physical reality.

33. Yoga as a Barometer

The practice as a mirror.

Getting Real in Yoga

34. No Thorns, No Roses

Allow for all of it.

Myth of the Real Yogi video example

35. Myth of the Real Yogi

Confronting the image.

36. Recognizing Limiting Beliefs

Our lives are born out of our beliefs.

37. Misperceptions of Yoga

Don't wish for it. Work for it.

38. Mastery

Be up to something bigger than oneself.

39. Being Teachable

Be open.

40. Practice Matters

Your practice is the place where you can discover for yourself what matters most to you.

iRest Daily Meditation Practice Program

iRest Daily Meditation Practice Program

We’re excited to invite you to our mobile-friendly iRest Daily Meditation Practice Program!

Learn the foundational practices of Integrative Restoration, including the 10 steps of iRest and how to build a daily practice.

Sign up, and you'll receive a reminder each day that you can access on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Simply click into the program and watch a short 2-3 minute video with our teacher trainer Anne Douglas introducing that day's step of iRest, followed by a 10-minute guided meditation practice. We have also included journaling prompts and shareable quotes.

You can repeat the sessions and have access to all the guided meditations anytime, anywhere.

Baron Baptiste's latest creation

Baron Baptiste's latest creation

Join yogis all over the world and sign up today for only $99 (only $2.50 per session) in this unique journey into the heart and soul of yoga.

Take Baron with you

Take Baron with you

NEW!  perfectly imperfect mobile app

Join yogis all over the world and sign up today for only $99 (only $2.50 per session) in this unique journey into the heart and soul of yoga.