Now you can take Baron with you wherever you go!

the new perfectly imperfect app allows you to practice integrating Baron's insights and philosophy of yoga both on and off the mat.

I love the Do The Work activities. They really challenge me to be intentional about my day.
— J. Silvera, Baptiste Studio owner and app user
Loving this... Especially the app and the reminders.
— C. Macey, perfectly imperfect app user

40 Self-Guided Sessions


Set up daily reminders that fit your personal schedule. The app will alert you when it's time for your practice session.  All you need to do is swipe and follow Baron's instructions.

Videos of Baron

Forty 2-3 minute videos in which Baron guides you through a specific aspect of his approach to yoga both on and off-the mat. 

Daily Sessions

Each session contains:

  • Video of Baron
  • Inspirational quote
  • Journaling exercise
  • Do The Work challenge

Unlimited Access

Track your progress and watch the program work with you to shift your attitude and approach to all aspects of your life. Do any of the sessions as many times as you want.


Peek inside...

A sample video from one of the forty sessions included in the program...

Sample video about "Mastery "from Session 38

Track your progress by reviewing your journaling history.

Track your progress by reviewing your journaling history.