We decided to turn it into an app...

This book will wake up every aspect of your practice and give you the tools you need to show up fully every day. This is a seriously empowering read.
— Gabrielle Bernstein, author of bestseller, Miracles Now

Take perfectly imperfect with you
wherever you go

Based on his bestseller perfectly imperfect, this mobile-friendly practice program will help you 'up your game' both on and off the mat.

The program includes 40 sessions, each containing videos, interactive journaling exercises, inspirational quotes and daily intentions. 

Join yogis all over the world and sign up today for only $99 (only $2.50 per session) in this unique journey into the heart and soul of yoga.

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I love seeing Baron’s face every day in the videos, guiding me through thought-provoking practices and activities. I love journaling - it’s challenging me to really dig deep and integrate with my practice.
— K. Boys, app user in Boulder, CO
I love the Do The Work activities. They really challenge me to be intentional about my day.
— J. Silvera, Studio owner and app user