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New!  Mobile-friendly practice program guided by Michael Taft

28 Days to Emotional Balance

Michael Taft

Michael Taft

Learn how to ‘surf’ the ups and downs of your emotional life with greater ease and grace.

  • The #1 way to deal with overwhelming or uncomfortable emotions (Hint: It’s not ignoring them)
  • Three powerful mindfulness meditation techniques for working with emotions
  • Methods for reducing anxiety and relieving depressionProven techniques for understanding what other people are feeling—the key to better personal and professional relationships
  • Specific guidance in contacting your intuition to make better decisions
  • The methods to achieve better emotional resilience—meaning you can “bounce back” after adversity more quickly
  • A proven path to re-engineering your relationship to your emotions and your life
  • What you could achieve if your difficult emotions weren’t holding you back.

Sample content from the program...

guided audio meditations: