Baron's Best-seller Is Now An App!

We're excited to introduce you to the perfectly imperfect app. Based on his best-selling book, this unique 40-session mobile program is the perfect companion for anyone interested in deepening their practice both on and off the mat. 


Based On His
Best-selling Book

This program is about integrating your practice on and off the mat into every aspect of your life.
— Baron Baptiste

Access Baron's Wisdom
Anywhere, Anytime

Now you can take Baron's wisdom from perfectly imperfect with you wherever you go. No matter which device you happen to be using, when you get your reminder to practice, simple click 'go' and pick up where you left off. You can literally access your sessions on any device, anywhere, anytime.


40 Interactive, Guided Sessions

Each session contains:

  • Videos of Baron sharing insights into his approach to yoga
  • Interactive journaling exercises
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Daily motivations and intentions

Go at your own pace! Pick and choose your favorite sessions and repeat them as many times as you want! 



Interactive Program based on perfectly imperfect

Each of the sessions are designed to guide you through a process of self-discovery and integration. In each session Baron will introduce a new concept or theme and challenge you to explore how this theme is showing up in your life. You'll be asked to journal about it and set an intention for integrating this theme into your day (both on and off the mat).


Personalized Reminders

We all need a nudge or gentle reminder to stick with our practice. We've made that easy for you. Simply set reminders for any time on any day of the week and receive a push notification that it's time for you to do another practice session. It's that simple!

Track Your Progress

Want to see how your practice shifts over time? You can track your personal journey through the art and soul of yoga by reviewing your journal entries in the 'My Journey' section of the app. Best of all, share your progress with your friends by posting your status on Facebook.

Overview of the 40 Sessions


1. Begin Now

Get started on your practice with Baron Baptiste.

Three Themes of Baptiste Yoga

2. Be a Yes

Discover the 'Yes' in your life by confronting your 'No.'

3. Give Up What You Must

Let go of that which isn't serving you.

4. You Are Ready Now

This is it. All you have is right now.

Your Are Ready Now video example

Five Pillars of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga

5. Drishti (Gaze)

Drishti is access to balance.

6. Ujjayi (Breath)

Breath to movement to cleanse and energize.

7. Bandhas (Foundation)

Be in the dance - moving in and expressing out.

8. Tapas (Heat)

Keep your space clear.

9. Vinyasa (Flow)

Move from the inside out.

10. The Iyengar Story

Embrace it all.

Example of daily inspirational quote from Baron. These can be easily shared with your friends via Facebook!

Example of daily inspirational quote from Baron. These can be easily shared with your friends via Facebook!

Journey Into Power

11. Journey Into Power

Discover what's possible out of the present moment.

12. Integration Sequence

Begin to integrate into your True North.

13. Awakening Sequence

Move with mindfulness.

14. Vitality Sequence

Rinse out to renew.

15. Equanimity Sequence

Meeting life as it meets you.

16. Grounding Sequence

Ground down to rise up.

17. Igniting Sequence

Reverse the usual.

18. Opening Sequence

Feel in order to heal.

19. Release Sequence

Lose yourself to find yourself.

20. Rejuvenation Sequence

Turn your world upside down.

21. Deep Rest Sequence

Be and let be.

22. The Receiving Pose

The receiving pose.

The Practice of Baptiste Yoga

23. The 3 Practices & Techniques of Baptiste Yoga

Be in wonderment and curiosity.

24. Making the Highest Call

See what's possible.

25. Mistakes as Part of the Path

It's all grist for the mill.

26.Truing Up

Recover your center.

27.Remove the Rocks

Freeing the statue.

28. There is Nothing to Fix

Come as you are, not as you should be.

29.Energy of Yes and No

No creates the boundary for yes.

30. Aliveness and Stuckness

The thing that blocks your path is the path.

31. Monkey Mind

See what you see.

32. Bare Bones Physicalness

Distinguish assessments from physical reality.

33. Yoga as a Barometer

The practice as a mirror.

Getting Real in Yoga

34. No Thorns, No Roses

Allow for all of it.

Myth of the Real Yogi video example

35. Myth of the Real Yogi

Confronting the image.

36. Recognizing Limiting Beliefs

Our lives are born out of our beliefs.

37. Misperceptions of Yoga

Don't wish for it. Work for it.

38. Mastery

Be up to something bigger than oneself.

39. Being Teachable

Be open.

40. Practice Matters

Your practice is the place where you can discover for yourself what matters most to you.