Prime of Life: 21-Day Program

Larry’s Award Winning DVD’s now available as a mobile-friendly program.

You will get unlimited access to 21 Sessions each including:

  1. Guided video of Larry teaching (10, 20 & 40 minute versions)
  2. Journaling activity (to help you track your progress)
  3. Daily inspirational quote to help you integrate your practice

Can't remember where you left your DVD? Want to create a regular yoga practice schedule? Now, you can access Larry's program on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop) so you can literally practice anywhere, anytime.

Once you've signed up, you can set your reminders to suit your personal schedule and then simply follow Larry's instructions. The program is designed to help you grow your yoga practice from 10 minutes each day during the first week, to 20 minutes a day in the second week and 40 minutes each day in the third week.

This program will help you create a consistent and sustainable yoga practice in only 21 days!

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14 Days to Lower Back Health

This self-guided mobile-friendly program synthesizes years of research with thousands of my lower back pain clients to provide the safest and most effective lower back routines. Addresses lumbar strain, sciatica, disc and other common ailments. Not recommended for acute back problems.

This program consists of 14 sessions each containing a guided video (15 and 30-minute versions), a journaling prompt and daily inspiration to help you optimize your lower back health.

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What gratitude I feel for returning to this simple practice in such an easy and inviting way. My body feels warmer and wiser than just moments ago. I am now more prepared for my day. I am very grateful, Larry, for your kind heart and all the many sessions and classes that have brought this wisdom to my door. And, thanks for the price-point, offering this within easy reach of my budget. Wishing you all the best.
— E.B. (Prime of Life Yoga program user)