Richard Miller, Ph.D.

Richard Miller, Ph.D.

When Self Falls Away

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In this mobile-friendly program, you will explore what occurs as we’re taken into the realm that lies beyond the mind and our belief in being a separate self. Richard Miller presents talks on the various stages of awakening, including how neuroscience is informing us, as we awaken to our essential nondual nature. He also examines the various ways our sense of self gives rise to separation even while awakening and enlightenment are unfolding. This in-depth course includes guided meditations to help you experientially understand the stages of awakening and the awakened disposition of your essential nondual nature.

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Sample video from the program

Sample video from the program.

  • Over 3 hours of content including instructional videos, guided meditations, journaling exercises and more
  • Learn Foundational iRest® Meditation practices to proactively welcome your sensations, emotions and thoughts so that your attention can be free for the deeper inquiries of self-realization.
  • Learn how neuroscience is informing our understanding of meditation.
  • Recognize the ego-I (self) as a process, not an identity.
  • Self-inquiry for releasing your identification as a separate self.
  • Being as a portal for realizing your non-separate interconnectedness with all of life.
  • Recognize the difference between being, awareness, and what lies beyond.
  • Identify the distinction between self and non-self.
  • Recognize subtle aspects of self that obstruct awakening.
  • Learn core practices that support awakening and enlightenment.
  • Explore how awakening unfolds naturally into enlightenment.
  • Understand the nature of enlightenment as the embodiment of awakening into daily life.
  • Realize true motivation that gives rise to 24-7-365 engagement with awakening.