Deepen your knowledge of
Baptiste fundamentals...

Based on his New York Times bestseller, perfectly imperfect, this new online program provides you with tools and activities to take your teaching to another level. 

  • The 3 themes of Baptiste yoga
  • The 5 Pillars of Baptiste vinyasa yoga
  • The Journey into Power sequences 

**along with new content from Baron's perfectly imperfect book**


Only 5 minutes a day and get a boost - bring quotes and tips into your classes and practice with this amazing new online program! Plus do a deep dive into your own personal journey with journaling in this great 40-session program.

What other teachers are saying...

I love having Baron in my living room so I can prep for my classes.
I love using this program from a teaching perspective! I can bring quotes into my classes and it helps me talk more clearly about topics like Ujjayi breath or Drishti.
I use it almost daily. I love the reminders! And that it’s in small, easy chunks. It never takes me more than 5 minutes or so.
What a great program! It really breaks down the Baptiste fundamentals and has opportunities to journal and reflect.