Lee Glickstein  Founder of Speaking Circles International

Lee Glickstein
Founder of Speaking Circles International

The Client

Speaking Circle programs transform the way people communicate by focusing on the essential first step missing in conventional public speaking trainings — true attunement between speaker and listeners. This relationship-based approach gives participants the time and gentle attention to discover how to express themselves clearly in their own unique style, without using performance techniques.

The Challenge

Reaching a larger audience while not losing the 'high-touch', experiential impact of the program.

The Vision

Speaking Circles founder, Lee Glickstein, wanted to create a stand-alone program that enables participants to cultivate their public speaking skills via daily practice of key activities and exercises. 

Our Solution

Speaking Circles implemented a 21-day program called 21 Days to Public Speaking Ease that offers daily guided videos and journaling activities to promote greater self-awareness of public speaking fears and daily practices to overcome those fears.