Track engagement, learning and compliance in real-time
for any research study or educational program.

Do you rely on real-time data for your work and research publications? Do you need to track participant compliance in your studies? Pollinate enables you to create apps that track how study participants are engaging and complying with your research programs. Best of all, you can view and download real-time reports giving you the data you need to keep your studies on track.

Create As Many Mobile Programs As You Want



Our app builder is so easy to use that you can create as many mobile apps as you want, making Pollinate the perfect tool to support your research and educational programs. 

Building, testing, releasing and adjusting your programs is literally as easy as 1-2-3.


Reach Your Study Participants Anywhere, Anytime


Since your program is accessible via phone, tablet and laptop, your users can stay connected to your content at all times.

They simply set their reminders and engage no matter where they are or what device they're using.

Teach Skills And Monitor Program Efficacy


With Pollinate you can not only create a mobile app that helps participants learn specific content/skills, but you can also monitor how they’re feeling about their learning process. This allows you to support them while updating your curriculum on-the-go making sure no one gets left behind.

Access Real-Time Data & Reports



View reports online and download data files as often as you want. Use our preset reports or create custom data downloads in any format (CSV, Excel, Comma delimited, etc.).


Ideal solution for: 

Healthcare Research  |  Behavioral Science Studies  |  Study Protocol Compliance