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What is Pollinate.life?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is a habit
— Aristotle

The idea that developing and integrating new skills requires daily practice is nothing new. Daily practice has been a key aspect of a diverse set of disciplines for millennia, whether it be mindfulness meditation, high performance sports training or addiction recovery.  As Aristotle said - we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is a habit.

What is new today is our new, innovative platform because it makes it easy for teachers, coaches and healers to help their students and clients develop and integrate the skills they teach.

Unlike the many e-learning sites/systems out there, pollinate.life is designed from the ground up with a specific focus on regular practice and skills integration.  Our approach is based both on tried and true practice methodologies and the latest research in neuroscience and neuroplasticity about how to best rewire our brains to cultivate new habits.

For teachers, having great online content is a good start but what is often missing is an effective way for people to practice what they’re learning, to translate the knowledge into action and lasting personal transformation. Many in the teaching community also struggle with engaging their students throughout the learning cycle.  

For students, access to content is a good start but what is usually missing is the structure and accountability needed to help them truly integrate the skills they've learned. Someone may attend a great workshop or a weekly yoga session but are they changing their daily routine to integrate what they’ve learned?  Probably not.  Content without daily practice is simply not enough.

Pollinate.life offers a turn-key solution that makes it easy for teachers, coaches, therapists and other content providers to create engaging programs that help their students/clients practice and integrate new habits.

How Does Pollinate.life Use Neuroplasticity?


What Challenge is Pollinate Addressing?

Pollinate is addressing a common challenge faced by all teachers, coaches, therapists and educators. The challenge is this: simply providing trainees with intellectual information is not enough to result in lasting behavior change, let alone habit formation. In fact, in our experience, more often than not, trainees leave workshops feeling uplifted and genuinely determined to integrate newfound skills into their professional and personal lives. They truly want to improve. And yet, within a week or two after the training has ended, most have fallen back into their old behaviors that got them to the training in the first place. This is because behavior change is determined by the structure and function of our brain. In order to cultivate a new behavior, the behavior needs to be repeated often enough so that it ‘sticks’. Trainees need to practice newfound skills with repetition and frequency so that ‘neurons that fire together can wire together’. For example, if trainees have 35 minutes per week to devote to mindfulness meditation, contemporary neuroscience tells us they are better off doing one five-minute meditation each day for 7 days, than one 35-minute meditation just once per week. The neurological impact is not due to volume alone, but primarily due to frequency and repetition of the desired behavior. For most people this requires structure and accountability.

Neurons that fire together, wire together.

When trainees consciously choose desired behaviors to practice repeatedly, whether they are cognitive, intellectual, emotional, or social, they are tapping into a process that neuroscientists call ‘self-directed neuroplasticity’ or ‘positive neuroplasticity’. All of the features and functions in the Pollinate.life platform are designed to help users create structure and accountability to leverage these principles of neuroplasticitiy and help them cultivate useful, life-changing habits. Furthermore, the platform is designed to help content providers (coaches, authors, therapists, educators, trainers, etc.) to convert/create content into engaging, mobile-friendly practice programs for their clients.